Self Help and Esteem Building

A positive self esteem plays an important role in our happiness and successes in life. How we feel about our behavior and us as a person, determines how we look, feel and behave in general. It allows us to open up to new opportunities and challenges in our professional and personal lives. It allows us to move from our comfort zone and expand our horizons.People with low self-esteem tend to be unable to move from their safety zone and so miss opportunities in life, love, and success. Blame for their low esteem gets put on people in their past; parents, teachers, family etc, however to enable them to apply self help to their esteem building, they need to accept responsibility for their self worth.The Law of Attraction means we attract what we focus on – and self esteem is no different. Those people with high self esteem attract more successes to reinforce their self worth – those with low esteem will find new failures to reinforce their belief about their self worth. Therefore, to boost your self esteem you need to focus on positive things and find ways to increase your self worth.Positive self talk is a good starting point. Find statements to increase your self worth; focus on your positive assets and achievements and reaffirm these statements to yourself throughout the day. Even better, increase the positive feelings by adding mental pictures to your statements. Do this often enough and it will become your reality.Learn to let go. Make a decision to control and change those things you are able to control – and let go of those things you cannot control. For example, you cannot make yourself attractive to others, but you can change your hygiene habits and appearance; you cannot control what others say about you but you can watch how you talk about others.Be positive. Focus on the positive aspects of your life. This doesn’t mean look at the world through rose tinted glasses, but when setbacks happen and things go wrong; put it into perspective. Visualise how good things will be, on how any changes you will be positive.Accept responsibility. Accepting responsibility for yourself will help esteem building efforts hugely. Acknowledge that your own happiness is your responsibility; no one else. Release blame for past problems and mistakes; whether you are blaming yourself or others. That is the past – you are responsible for what will happen today and in the future.You can self help your self esteem by following the above advice. After all, increasing your self esteem will do wonders for your future success and happiness.